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Sunday Riley C.E.O. Vitamin C Rich Hydration Cream 50 g

Sunday Riley C.E.O. Vitamin C Rich Hydration Cream 50 g

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Infused with 5% Vitamin C . C.E.O. Vitamin C Rich Hydration cream is deeply hydrating . visibly brightens dull skin . fights the signs of dehydration and damage . and provides advanced antioxidant support. Formulated with THD Ascorbate . a powerful . jar-stable . and highly targeted Vitamin C derivative that prevents and repairs the visible signs of premature skin aging.

Cruelty-Free . Sulfate-Free . Paraben-Free . Gluten-Free . Soy-Free . Phthalate-Free . Fragrance-Free . Vegetarian.

VITAMIN C 5% THD ASCORBATE: The gold standard of Vitamin C. Powerful . stable . and highly targeted to prevent and repair the visible signs of premature skin aging . while being significantly less irritating than other forms of Vitamin C.

EXOPOLYSACCHARIDES: From French Polynesian Kopara . these specialized exopolysaccharides help protect the skin from the visible effects of pollution exposure . by providing a shielding effect from PM 2.5 (the micropollution particles found in smog).

LIME PEARL: Extracted from the caviar lime . lime pearls are a natural source of AHA . for gentle skin exfoliation.

BISABOLOL: Derived from chamomile . bisabolol helps to calm the look of reactive and sensitive skin. Often used in baby products for its skin soothing benefits.
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